About Peter

Dreaming of my next escapade, where champagne flows like a fountain.

21 solar orbits to date, champagne & coffee. 

The day I set foot on a different continent, was the day I fell in love with traveling. I have been an avid daydreamer, being an ENTP in the Myer Briggs Personality types, I fear routines and constants – hence the never ending desire in pursuing new experiences and making new memories.

I started this blog with the intention of sharing my traveling experiences with everyone, providing some useful insights and motivation to those who dream of traveling as well. All my travels are self-funded with the help of some sponsorships here and there by kind hearted people who share the same passion as I do !

I hope that my blog would ignite your passion for traveling, and could help provide you with useful tips & information on how to get on your inaugural journey to a different continent !

Please do not be shy to contact me and to be friends !